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Separation of glycyrrhizic acid by intermittence foam fractionation

  title={Separation of glycyrrhizic acid by intermittence foam fractionation},
  author={Yang Ming},
  journal={Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs},
  • Yang Ming
  • Published 2007
  • Chemistry
  • Chinese Traditional and Herbal Drugs
Objective To optimize the enrichment process of glycyrrhizic acid by intermittence foam fractionation. MethodsInvestigating the every factors one by one, and the recovery obtained, enrichment radio and purity were used to optimize the process. ResultsThis method was proved to be with a high recovery obtained which was 91.9%, enrichment radio was 6.4, and purity was 32.3%, while pH value was 4, concentration was 0.23 mg/mL, airflow rate was 600 mL/min, and volume was 1 000 mL… Expand
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