Separation of Variables for Gaudin-calogero Systems

  title={Separation of Variables for Gaudin-calogero Systems},
  author={Benjamin Enriquez and Boris Feigin and Vladimir Rubtsov}
We construct an elliptic analogue of Sklyanin's separation of variables for the sl(2) Gaudin system, using an adaptation of Drinfeld's Radon transformations. Introduction. The geometric Langlands conjectures, as formulated by Beilinson and Drinfeld in [2], aim at the construction of certain D-modules on the moduli space of G-bundles over (punctured) curves (G a reductive group). Positive characteristic versions of these conjectures had been solved earlier by Drinfeld in [3], in the case G = GL… CONTINUE READING


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Quantification de Leray de la dualité projective

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V. Rubtsov B. Enriquez, E. V. Frenkel, N. Reshetikhin
Amer . J . Math . • 1983

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