Separation of Variables for Bi-Hamiltonian Systems

  title={Separation of Variables for Bi-Hamiltonian Systems},
  author={Gregorio Falqui and Marco Pedroni},
  journal={Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry},
  • G. Falqui, M. Pedroni
  • Published 2002
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Mathematical Physics, Analysis and Geometry
We address the problem of the separation of variables for the Hamilton–Jacobi equation within the theoretical scheme of bi-Hamiltonian geometry. We use the properties of a special class of bi-Hamiltonian manifolds, called ωN manifolds, to give intrisic tests of separability (and Stäckel separability) for Hamiltonian systems. The separation variables are naturally associated with the geometrical structures of the ωN manifold itself. We apply these results to bi-Hamiltonian systems of the Gel… Expand
Bi-Hamiltonian representation of Stäckel systems.
  • M. Blaszak
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2009
It is shown that linear separation relations are fundamental objects for integration by quadratures of Stâckel-separable Liouville-integrable systems (the so-called Stäckel systems) and implies that the existence of bi-Hamiltonian representation of LiouVILLE-integRable systems is a necessary condition for StäCkel separability. Expand
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Classical Integrable and Separable Hamiltonian Systems
  • M. Blaszak
  • Mathematics
  • Quantum versus Classical Mechanics and Integrability Problems
  • 2019
In this chapter we introduce the concept of classical integrability of Hamiltonian systems and then develop the separability theory of such systems based on the notion of separation relationsExpand
A geometric approach to the separability of the Neumann–Rosochatius system
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Bi-Hamiltonian Aspects of the Separability of the Neumann System
The Neumann system on the two-dimensional sphere is used as a tool to convey some ideas on the bi-Hamiltonian standpoint on separation of variables. We show that from this standpoint, its separationExpand
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We show that for a class of dynamical systems, Hamiltonian with respect to three distinct Poisson brackets (P0,P1,P2), separation coordinates are provided by the common roots of a set of bivariateExpand
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The nonorthogonal separation of variables in the Hamilton–Jacobi equation corresponding to a natural Hamiltonian H=12gijpipj+V, with a metric tensor of any signature, is intrinsically characterizedExpand