Separating habitat invasibility by alien plants from the actual level of invasion.

  title={Separating habitat invasibility by alien plants from the actual level of invasion.},
  author={Milan Chytr{\'y} and Vojtěch Jaro{\vs}{\'i}k and Petr Py{\vs}ek and Ondrej H{\'a}jek and Ilona Knollov{\'a} and Lubom{\'i}r Tich{\'y} and Ji{\'i} Danihelka},
  volume={89 6},
Habitats vary considerably in the level of invasion (number or proportion of alien plant species they contain), which depends on local habitat properties, propagule pressure, and climate. To determine the invasibility (susceptibility to invasions) of different habitats, it is necessary to factor out the effects of any confounding variables such as propagule pressure and climate on the level of invasion. We used 20 468 vegetation plots from 32 habitats in the Czech Republic to compare the… CONTINUE READING
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