Separating Abstractions from Resources in a Tactical Storage System

  title={Separating Abstractions from Resources in a Tactical Storage System},
  author={Douglas Thain and Sander Klous and Justin M. Wozniak and Paul Brenner and Aaron Striegel and Jes{\'u}s A. Izaguirre},
  journal={ACM/IEEE SC 2005 Conference (SC'05)},
Sharing data and storage space in a distributed system remains a difficult task for ordinary users, who are constrained to the fixed abstractions and resources provided by administrators. To remedy this situation, we introduce the concept of a tactical storage system (TSS) that separates storage abstractions from storage resources, leaving users free to create, reconfigure, and destroy abstractions as their needs change. In this paper, we describe how a TSS can provide a variety of filesystem… CONTINUE READING
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