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Separately Excited DC Motor Speed Control Using Four Quadrant Chopper

  title={Separately Excited DC Motor Speed Control Using Four Quadrant Chopper},
  author={Rishabh Abhinav and Jaya Masand and Piyush Vidyarthi and Gunjan Kumari and Neharika Gupta},
The speed of separately excited DC motor can be controlled from below and up to rated speed using chopper as a converter. The chopper firing circuit receives signal from controller and then chopper gives variable voltage to the armature of the motor for achieving desired speed. There are two control loops, one for controlling current and another for speed. The controller used is Proportional-Integral type which removes the delay and provides fast control. Modeling of separately excited DC motor… Expand
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Armature Voltage Speed Control of DC Motors Based Foraging Strategy
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A Comparative Study on Different Speed Control Methods of D.C. Drives for Electric Vehicle
This paper describes a comparison of closed loop speed control of a separately excited DC motor using IGBT Chopper with the help of Fuzzy logic controller (FLC) and MATLAB / Simulink. In manyExpand
This project described about to design and to development of P-Resonant voltage control for DC motor and the experimental results are presented to demonstrate the validity of this approach. Expand


Speed Control of Separately Excited DC Motor
This paper proposes the speed control of a separately excited dc motor varying armature voltage. The novelty of this paper lies in the application of nonlinear autoregressive-moving average L2Expand
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