Separated kaon electroproduction cross section and the kaon form factor from 6 GeV JLab data

  title={Separated kaon electroproduction cross section and the kaon form factor from 6 GeV JLab data},
  author={Marco Carmignotto and S. Ali and Konrad A. Aniol and J. T. Arrington and Brittany Barrett and Elizabeth Beise and Henk P. Blok and Werner U. Boeglin and Edward James Brash and Hajnalka Breuer and Chia Cheng Chang and M. Eric Christy and Alexander Dittmann and Rolf Ent and Howard C. Fenker and D. F. Gaskell and E. F. Gibson and Roy J. Holt and T. Nales Horn and G. M. Huber and Seokho Jin and Melanie K. Jones and Cynthia E. Keppel and Won-Young Kim and Paul M. King and V. Kovaltchouk and Jingyi Liu and George John Lolos and David J. Mack and Demetrius Margaziotis and Pete E.C. Markowitz and Akiyoshi Matsumura and David George Meekins and Toshinobu Miyoshi and Hripsime Mkrtchyan and Grazziela Niculescu and Ioana Niculescu and Yuichi Okayasu and Ian Pegg and Lubomir Pentchev and Ch. F. Perdrisat and David H. Potterveld and V. A. Punjabi and Paul Edwin Reimer and Joerg Reinhold and Julie Roche and Adam James Sarty and Gary R. Smith and Vardan Tadevosyan and L. G. Tang and Rinaldo Trotta and Vladas Tvaskis and Alberto Vargas and Sandra Vidakovi{\'c} and Julia Volmer and William Vulcan and Gary Warren and Shaun A. Wood and Cheng-Dong Xu and Xiaohong Zheng},
  • Marco Carmignotto, S. Ali, +57 authors Xiaohong Zheng
  • Published 2018
  • Physics
  • The H1(e,e′K+)Λ reaction was studied as a function of the Mandelstam variable -t using data from the E01-004 (FPI-2) and E93-018 experiments that were carried out in Hall C at the 6 GeV Jefferson Laboratory. The cross section was fully separated into longitudinal and transverse components, and two interference terms at four-momentum transfers Q2 of 1.00, 1.36, and 2.07GeV2. The kaon form factor was extracted from the longitudinal cross section using the Regge model by Vanderhaeghen et al. [Phys… CONTINUE READING

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