Separated by a common translation? How the british and the dutch communicate

  title={Separated by a common translation? How the british and the dutch communicate},
  author={Bart L. Rottier and Nannette Ripmeester and Andrew Bush},
  journal={Pediatric Pulmonology},
The British and Dutch share a long naval‐, war‐ and medical history, in good times as well as bad. Their language has a common Germanic origin, but the English people may use special ways to express values or opinions, from which the sometimes paradoxical meaning is not always clear to the other party. Particularly with the Dutch, renowned for their directness, this may cause confusion. We provide a comprehensive set of expressions, each with paired interpretations, to foster Anglo–Dutch… 
Pragmatics and Reviewers’ Reports
This chapter examines the reviewers’ reports from a pragmatics point of view. In particular, it looks at how reviewers ask for changes to be made to submissions drawing on shared understandings of
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  • V. Chernick
  • Medicine, Education
    Paediatric respiratory reviews
  • 2012
The Discourse of Peer Review
s, reviewing, 169–70 accept reviews containing criticisms, 49, 53–4, 64 content, 52–4 discourse structure (moves), 41–2 evaluative language, 124–5, 131–2 politeness, 100–1 reviewer roles, 135–6
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Referees' comments on submissions to peer-reviewed journals: when is a suggestion not a suggestion?
This paper examines the ways in which reviewers ask for changes to be made to submissions to peer-reviewed journal articles. Ninety-five reviewers' reports were examined. Forty-five of the reviewers
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Looking for work in the United Kingdom; 1997. ISBN 978-90-5896-059-7
  • Pediatric Pulmonology British–Dutch Communication
  • 1997
Looking for work in the United Kingdom
  • 1997
Pediatric Pulmonology British–Dutch Communication
  • Pediatric Pulmonology British–Dutch Communication