Separate cell types that express two different forms of somatostatin in anglerfish islets can be immunohistochemically differentiated.


The somatostatin-related peptides somatostatin-14 (SS-14) and somatostatin-28 (aSS-28) are synthesized at the C-terminal end of two separate pre-pro-somatostatins in anglerfish pancreatic islets. The purpose of this study was to determine whether these peptides are expressed in the same or different cell types. Antisera R141 and R293, which recognize the central region of SS-14 and the C-terminal region of aSS-28 ([Tyr7,Gly10] SS-14), respectively, were used in an immunohistochemical examination of anglerfish islets. The R293 antiserum-labeled cells were distributed individually or in small clusters. These same cells, as well as a separate set of cells arranged in large clusters, were stained by the R141 antiserum. Pre-absorption of the R141 antiserum with [Tyr7,Gly10] SS-14 eliminated staining by R141 of only those cells also labeled by R293, whereas pre-absorption of R141 with SS-14 prevented all staining. Pre-absorption of R293 with [Tyr7,Gly10] SS-14 eliminated all staining, whereas pre-absorption with SS-14 had no effect on aSS-28-like immunoreactivity. These results suggest the existence of two separate cell types which express either SS-14 or aSS-28. The cells that contained the somatostatin-related peptides were found to be distinct from those cells that contained insulin, glucagon, or anglerfish peptide Y. However, the cells stained by the R293 antiserum were distributed in close association with glucagon-containing cells. The implications of the existence of separate cell types which express SS-14 or aSS-28 are discussed with regard to processing of the biosynthetic precursors to these peptides.


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