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Sentiment Classification of on-line Products Based on Machine Learning Techniques and Multi-agent Systems Technologies

  title={Sentiment Classification of on-line Products Based on Machine Learning Techniques and Multi-agent Systems Technologies},
  author={Mohammed Almashraee and Dagmar Monett and R. Unland},
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Comparative Twitter Sentiment Analysis Based on Linear and Probabilistic Models
The goals of this paper are to device a way of obtaining social network opinions and extracting features from unstructured text and assign for each feature its associated sentiment in a clear and efficient way. Expand
Agents and Robots that Can Listen to the User's Heart
  • Ana Paiva
  • Psychology, Computer Science
  • 2015
This talk will provide an overview of this new challenging area of research, by analyzing empathy in the social relations established between humans and social agents (virtual and robotic). Expand
My MOoD, a Multimedia and Multilingual Ontology Driven MAS: Design and First Experiments in the Sentiment Analysis Domain
The architecture of a Multimedia and Multilingual Ontology Driven Multiagent System (My MOoD) for classifying documents consisting of audiovisual and textual elements, according to classes described in a domain ontology is introduced. Expand
Enhance Polarity Classification on Social Media through Sentiment-based Feature Expansion
This work formulated different assumptions regarding which patterns within a message can be relevant sentiment indicators and expanded the feature space including initialisms for emphatic and onomatopoeic expressions to help in determining the sentiment. Expand
Feature Extraction Based on Semantic Sentiment Analysis
This paper introduces two important and text-related techniques for this purpose namely sentiment classification and semantic Web technology and applies its sentiment analysis method twice and compute the precision and recall principles to evaluate the method over the corpus in its both cases. Expand