Sentence processing deficits: a replication of therapy.


This paper describes the replication of a therapeutic programme originally used by one of the authors, Byng (Cognitive Neuropsychology, 1988, 5, 629-676) to remediate a specific sentence processing deficit. Our patient is shown to have similar although not identical deficits to those of one of the patients (JG) described in that programme. Sentence comprehension and production both improved as a result of therapy. The pattern of results observed gave further insights into both the nature of the patient's deficit and the mechanism of therapy.

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@article{Nickels1991SentencePD, title={Sentence processing deficits: a replication of therapy.}, author={Lorraine Nickels and Sally Byng and Marrianne Black}, journal={The British journal of disorders of communication}, year={1991}, volume={26 2}, pages={175-99} }