Sentence mode differentiation in four Donegal Irish varieties


This paper discusses how sentence mode is marked in four local varieties (RF, BF, GCC, RG) of Donegal Irish. The analysis covers tunes (pre-nuclear and nuclear) as well as phonetic modality markers, distinguishing between statements (ST) and two question types (WHQ, YNQ). Results show that across the four varieties sentence mode can be signalled by intonation, but tune differences are optional and not obligatory. One variety (RG) stands out from the others by a preference in L*+H L% in nuclear and H* IP-initial pre-nuclear pitch accents across ST, WHQ and YNQ. RF, BF and GCC, on the other hand, group together in having L*+H % as their first choice in nuclear tunes. The same phonetic markers, however, are used by speakers of all varieties. The sentence mode differentiation includes a boosting of the pre-nuclear part of the phrase for WHQ and a boosting of the nucleus in YNQ.

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