Sentence comprehension and praxis deficits in Parkinson's disease.

  title={Sentence comprehension and praxis deficits in Parkinson's disease.},
  author={Murray Grossman and Susan Carvell and Stephen M. Gollomp and Matthew B. Stern and Graeme M Vernon and Howard I. Hurtig},
  volume={41 10},
We evaluated the ability of nondemented patients with idiopathic Parkinson's disease (PD) to interpret various aspects of sentences and to perform learned limb and oral gestures. The patients were significantly compromised in their ability to answer simple questions about sentences such as "The eagle chased the hawk that was fast. Which bird was chased?" A discriminant analysis revealed that up to 73% of PD patients differ from control subjects in their ability to perform this task. Patients… CONTINUE READING

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