Sensory memory of structure-from-motion is shape-specific.

  title={Sensory memory of structure-from-motion is shape-specific.},
  author={Alexander Pastukhov and Jana F{\"u}llekrug and Jochen Braun},
  journal={Attention, perception & psychophysics},
  volume={75 6},
Perceptual priming can stabilize the phenomenal appearance of multistable visual displays (Leopold, Wilke, Maier, & Logothetis, Nature Neuroscience, 5, 605-609, 2002). Prior exposure to such displays induces a sensory memory of their appearance, which persists over long intervals and intervening stimulation, and which facilitates renewed perception of the same appearance. Here, we investigated perceptual priming for the apparent rotation in depth of ambiguous structure-from-motion (SFM… CONTINUE READING

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