Sensory evaluation of beef-flavor-intensity, tenderness, and juiciness among major muscles.


Twelve muscles from eight USDA Select/Choice grade steers were evaluated for beef-flavor intensity, tenderness, and juiciness. The biceps femoris, psoas major, gluteus medius, semimembranosus, and triceps brachii were similar in beef-flavor-intensity (P > 0·05) and were ranked as the most intensely flavored of all muscles. The rectus femoris, longissimus lumborum, serratus ventralis, infraspinatus, semitendinosus, pectoralis profundus, and supraspinatus generally were less intense in beef-flavor than the other muscles and were ranked from highest to lowest intensity in that order. The psoas major was the most tender (P > 0·05) followed by the infraspinatus, longissimus lumborum, and rectus femoris, which were similar (P > 0·05). Generally, muscles from the chuck and loin were juicier than those from the round.


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