Sensory deficits in mice hypomorphic for a mammalian homologue of unc-53.

  title={Sensory deficits in mice hypomorphic for a mammalian homologue of unc-53.},
  author={Pieter Johan Peeters and Alexis K Baker and Ilse Goris and Gie Daneels and Peter Verhasselt and Walter H. M. L. Luyten and Johan J G H Geysen and Stefan Kass and Dieder W.E. Moechars},
  journal={Brain research. Developmental brain research},
  volume={150 2},
The migration of cells and the extension of cellular processes along pathways to their defined destinations are crucial in the development of higher organisms. Caenorhabditis elegans unc-53 plays an important role in cell migration and the outgrowth of cellular processes such as axons. To gain further insight into the biological function of unc53H2, a recently identified mammalian homologue of unc-53, we have generated mice carrying a mutation of unc53H2 and provide evidence that unc53H2 is… CONTINUE READING

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