Sensory cues invalidate remote viewing experiments

  title={Sensory cues invalidate remote viewing experiments},
  author={D. Marks},
  • D. Marks
  • Published 1981
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Nature
Theoretical and empirical explorations of "Generalized Quantum Theory"
Beyond Belief: Index
Beyond Belief: Skepticism, Science and the Paranormal
Preface 1. Introduction - the paranormal and why it matters 2. The nature of science 3. The paranormal 4. Skepticism - from Socrates to Hume 5. Modern skepticism 6. Bringing skepticism down to earthExpand
From text to self : the interplay of criticism and response in the history of parapsychology
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Experiment One of the SAIC Remote Viewing Program: A Critical Re-evaluation - a reply to May
This paper counters May's assertion that the proposed leakage paths could not have accounted for the observed difference between performance in the static-target and dynamic target conditions and refute May’s claim that there is empirical evidence from the literature that indicates that these proposed information pathways cannot be effective. Expand
Remote viewing exposed
No “remote viewing”
Rebuttal of criticisms of remote viewing experiments


Information transmission in remote viewing experiments
The Psychology of the Psychic
Information transmission in remote viewing experiments
The results do not verify the claim that an extrasensory remote viewing ability may be widely distributed in the general population, but they do not discredit the claim. Expand