Sensory and sympathetic block during interpleural analgesia.

  title={Sensory and sympathetic block during interpleural analgesia.},
  author={N. Kronborg Pettersson and Leif Perbeck and B. T. V. Brismar and Robert G. Hahn},
  journal={Regional anesthesia},
  volume={22 4},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Interpleural analgesia is an effective method for pain relief after upper abdominal surgery. To examine whether the analgesic effect is obtained by block of the intercostal nerves, we assessed the analgesic efficacy of the block, the skin sensitivity, and indices of sympathetic outflow over the trunk. METHODS Interpleural analgesia was instituted at the end of open cholecystectomy in 20 patients 24-81 years of age (mean, 42 years). After a washout period of 8 hours… CONTINUE READING