Sensory and motor recovery after repairing transected cervical roots.

  title={Sensory and motor recovery after repairing transected cervical roots.},
  author={M C Huang and P. Chang and M J Tsai and Huai-Sheng Kuo and Wen-Chun Kuo and Meng-Jen Lee and M Lo and I Lee and Wen-Cheng Huang and L M Lee and Yang-Hsin Shih and L. -S. Lee and Henrich Cheng},
  journal={Surgical neurology},
  volume={68 Suppl 1},
  pages={S17-24; discussion S24}
BACKGROUND Adult mammal sensory axons avulsed through spinal dorsal root traction injuries, especially of the brachial plexus or cauda equina, cannot normally regenerate through axonal outgrowth from the DRG into the spinal cord, thus causing clinical conditions that require neuronal regeneration for sensory recovery and for which no successful treatment has yet been reported. METHODS To evaluate the sensory recovery of the forelimb after transection of their left cervical dorsal and ventral… CONTINUE READING
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