Sensors of the innate immune system: their link to rheumatic diseases

  title={Sensors of the innate immune system: their link to rheumatic diseases},
  author={Argyrios N. Theofilopoulos and Rosana Gonzalez-Quintial and Brian R. Lawson and Yi Ting Koh and Michael E. Waugh Stern and Dwight H. Kono and Bruce Beutler and Roberto Baccala},
  journal={Nature Reviews Rheumatology},
Evidence strongly suggests that excessive or protracted signaling, or both, by cell-surface or intracellular innate immune receptors is central to the pathogenesis of most autoimmune and autoinflammatory rheumatic diseases. The initiation of aberrant innate and adaptive immune responses in autoimmune diseases can be triggered by microbes and, at times, by endogenous molecules—particularly nucleic acids and related immune complexes—under sterile conditions. By contrast, most autoinflammatory… CONTINUE READING
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