Sensorimotor evaluation of ano-rectal complex in diabetes mellitus.

  title={Sensorimotor evaluation of ano-rectal complex in diabetes mellitus.},
  author={Domenico Cozzolino and Teresa Salvatore and Dario Giugliano and Guiseppe Paolisso and Vincenzo Landolfi and Alberto del Genio and Roberto Torella},
  journal={Diabete & metabolisme},
  volume={17 6},
To evaluate the status of ano-rectal complex in diabetic patients, 20 patients with no fecal incontinence and/or local ano-rectal disorders and 18 normal subjects underwent to: 1) ano-rectal manometry; 2) defecography; and 3) rectal sensation tests. In all subjects, the five classic cardiovascular reflexes tests were performed to detect autonomic neuropathy. No significant difference between diabetic patients and controls was found in length, maximum resting pressure and strength of phasic… CONTINUE READING