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Sensitivity of the Isoscalar Giant Dipole Resonance to Optical Potentials

  title={Sensitivity of the Isoscalar Giant Dipole Resonance to Optical Potentials},
  author={M. Sadler and W. Sondheim and P. W. and Stankus and R. Towell and R. Tribble and M. {\'A}. and Vasiliev and J. Webb and J. Willis and G. Young and Phys and P. Amaudruz and W. Anderson and M. and Comyn and Yu. A. Davydov and P. Depommier and J. and Doornbos and W. Faszer and C. Gagliardi and P. Reen and P. Gumplinger and J. Hardy and Hasinoff and R. Helmer and R. Henderson and {\'A}. and Khruchinsky and P. Kitching and Y. Lachin and J. Macdonald and R. Manweiler and T. Mathie and J. R. Musser and P. Nord and A. Olin and R. Openshaw and L. Piilonen and T. Porcelli and R. Poutissou and J. Schaapman and V. Selivanov and G. Sheffer and F. Sobratee and J. Soukup and S. T.D and Stanislaus and G. Stinson and R. Tacik and V. Torokhov and M. Vasiliev and J. Behr and G. C. Boisvert and P. Bricault and J. Cerny and J. D'auria and Dombsky and V. Iacob and J. Leslie and T. and Lindner and D. M. and Moltz and J. Powell},
Compression mode giant resonances have been measured in many nuclei from C to Pb with inelastic scattering of 240 MeV ∀ particles at small angles. Isoscalar monopole (GMR) distributions have been extracted for 17 nuclei and isoscalar dipole (ISDGR) distributions extracted for 11 nuclei. The isoscalar E1 strength distributions in nuclei with A>90 are found to consist of a broad component at Ex ≈ 75/A MeV containing 15-40% of the total isoscalar E1 strength. The GMR results lead to Knm=215-240… Expand