Sensitivity of rhinoviruses to human leukocyte and fibroblast interferons.

  title={Sensitivity of rhinoviruses to human leukocyte and fibroblast interferons.},
  author={Paul E. Came and Tillman Schafer and G H Silver},
  journal={The Journal of infectious diseases},
  volume={133 Suppl},
Rhinoviruses were tested for sensitivity to human interferon from two sources: human leukosytes induced with Sendai virus and human diploid fibroblasts induced with polyriboinosinic-polyribocytidylic acid. Twenty-five serotypes of rhinovirus were tested against fibroblast interferon in HeLa cells, and five serotypes were evaluated in fibroblast cultures against fibroblast and leukocyte interferons. Sensitivity varied widely in the HeLa cell assay; rhinovirus type 10 was inhibited by… CONTINUE READING

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