Sensitivity of freshwater periphytic diatoms to agricultural herbicides.

  title={Sensitivity of freshwater periphytic diatoms to agricultural herbicides.},
  author={Timoth{\'e}e Debenest and {\'E}ric Pinelli and Michel Coste and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Silvestre and Nicolas Mazzella and C{\'e}line Madigou and François Delmas},
  journal={Aquatic toxicology},
  volume={93 1},
The biomonitoring of pesticide pollution in streams and rivers using algae such as diatoms remains difficult. The responses of diatom communities to toxic stress in stream water are disturbed by the variations of environmental parameters. In this study, periphytic algae collected in situ were exposed under controlled conditions to two major herbicides used in French agriculture (isoproturon and s-metolachlor). Three exposure regimes were tested: 5 and 30 microg L(-1) for 6 days and 30 microg L… CONTINUE READING