Sensitivity of US Gulf of Mexico coastal marsh vegetation to crude oil: Comparison of greenhouse and field responses

  title={Sensitivity of US Gulf of Mexico coastal marsh vegetation to crude oil: Comparison of greenhouse and field responses},
  author={Ronald D. Delaune and S. Reza Pezeshki and Aroon Jugsujinda and Charles W. Lindau},
  journal={Aquatic Ecology},
Greenhouse and field studies were conducted to evaluate the effect of crude oil on selected US Gulf of Mexico coastal marsh species. Species showed different levels of sensitivity to oiling between greenhouse and field conditions. In greenhouse studies, two crude oils were used: South Louisiana crude oil (SLC) and Arabian Medium crude oil (AMC). The majority of Spartina patens plants died within one month following oiling with little or no recovery after three months. Panicum hemitomon and… CONTINUE READING
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