Sensitivity of Pacific hagfish, Eptatretus stouti, to mammalian insulin.

  title={Sensitivity of Pacific hagfish, Eptatretus stouti, to mammalian insulin.},
  author={Yasuo Inui and Aubrey Gorbman},
  journal={General and comparative endocrinology},
  volume={33 3},
Abstract Long-lasting hypoglycemia and depression of plasma amino nitrogen levels were produced in Pacific hagfish, Eptatretus stouti , by injection of as little as 0.1 to 0.5 IU/kg of bovine insulin. This, in contrast with earlier information from Myxine glutinosa , indicates that the metabolic sensitivity of Eptatretus to mammalian insulin is at least as great as that in most higher vertebrates. However, the long-lasting character of the hypoglycemia and depressed plasma amino nitrogen argue… CONTINUE READING