Sensitivity of 9L gliosarcomas to photodynamic therapy.

  title={Sensitivity of 9L gliosarcomas to photodynamic therapy.},
  author={Michael Chopp and Mary O. Dereski and Luke Madigan and Feng Jiang and B Logie},
  journal={Radiation research},
  volume={146 4},
Photodynamic therapy (PDT) has been used clinically for the treatment of malignant brain gliomas. However, the efficacy of this treatment to date has remained equivocal. This study focused on determining the sensitivity of 9L glio sarcoma in Fischer 344 rats to PDT with increasing doses of 632 nm light and making a comparison of the responses of normal and tumor tissue in the brain at these doses. This sensitivity was then correlated with the concentrations of Photoforin present in these… CONTINUE READING


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