Sensitivity enhancement of multidimensional NMR experiments by paramagnetic relaxation effects.

  title={Sensitivity enhancement of multidimensional NMR experiments by paramagnetic relaxation effects.},
  author={Sheng Cai and Candace S Seu and Zolt{\'a}n {\'A}kos Kov{\'a}cs and A Dean Sherry and Yuan Chen},
  journal={Journal of the American Chemical Society},
  volume={128 41},
One of the main goals of NMR method development is to increase the sensitivity of multidimensional NMR experiments or reduce the required acquisition time. In these experiments, more than 80% of the NMR instrument time is spent on the recycle delay, where the instrument idles to wait for the recovery of proton magnetization. In this study, we report a method of using paramagnetic relaxation effects to shorten the recycle delays required in multidimensional NMR experiments of biological… CONTINUE READING

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