Sensitive, specific polymorphism discovery in bacteria using massively parallel sequencing

  title={Sensitive, specific polymorphism discovery in bacteria using massively parallel sequencing},
  author={Chad Nusbaum and Toshiro K. Ohsumi and James E Gomez and John A Aquadro and Thomas Calldo Victor and Robert M. Warren and Deborah T Hung and Bruce W. Birren and Eric S. Lander and David B. Jaffe},
  booktitle={Nature Methods},
Our variant ascertainment algorithm, VAAL, uses massively parallel DNA sequence data to identify differences between bacterial genomes with high sensitivity and specificity. VAAL detected ∼98% of differences (including large insertion-deletions) between pairs of strains from three species while calling no false positives. VAAL also pinpointed a single mutation between Vibrio cholerae genomes, identifying an antibiotic's site of action by identifying sequence differences between drug-sensitive… CONTINUE READING
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