Sensing properties of assembled Bi2S3 nanowire arrays

  title={Sensing properties of assembled Bi2S3 nanowire arrays},
  author={Gunta Kunakova and Raimonds Meija and Ivita Bite and Juris Prikulis and Jelena Kosmaca and Justin M. Varghese and Justin D Holmes and Donāts Erts},
Bismuth sulfide (Bi2S3) nanowires were grown in porous aluminium oxide template and a selective chemical etching was applied to transfer the nanowires to a solution. Well aligned nanowire arrays were assembled on pre-patterned silicon substrates employing dielectrophoresis. Electron beam lithography was used to connect aligned individual nanowires to the common macroelectrode. In order to evaluate the conductometric sensing performance of the Bi2S3 nanowires, current–voltage characteristics… CONTINUE READING