Sense organs on the antennae of two species of collembola (insecta).

  title={Sense organs on the antennae of two species of collembola (insecta).},
  author={Eleanor H. Slifer and Sant Singh Sekhon},
  journal={Journal of morphology},
  volume={157 1},
The antennae of Folsomia candida and Hypogastrura copiosa are provided with tactile hairs on all four segments and, in addition, with chemoreceptors on segments three and four. The cuticle of the thin-walled chemo-receptors of Folsomia, as in most other insects, is penetrated by many small pores uniformly distributed over the surface. In contrast, the cuticle of the thin-walled chemoreceptors of Hypogastrura is unusual in that a band of cuticle without perforations spirals around, or partly… CONTINUE READING

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