Sensation of learning analytics top prevail the software engineering education


Software pockets an indispensable role in the modern living style to make their work easy. Software engineers are the people who develop the software to comply with the user needs and make them joyful. Software engineering education is the place where the software engineers mold up academically for the society's requirement. As a result, software engineering education grabs the essence in the computer education, albeit it fall shorts to cook up the genius to meet with the industries necessity. To overcome these issues, researchers suggested number of software engineering learning/teaching methods to egg on students to acquire their profundity knowledge in software engineering. Even though the suggestions do not utterly surmount this crucial issue since the suggested approaches did not attract the maj ority of the students and touch their learning style. Learning analytics plays a vital role to improve the students learning activities. Learning style and learning engagement are the key factors for the learning analytics. This paper focuses on learning style and learning engagement of the software engineering students. This work classifies the students in line with their learning style and identifies the needs of the software engineering students using learning engagement finally proposed the model to inspire the students to overcome such issues and motivate them in gathering software engineering knowledge.

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