Semivoltinism in mountain populations of Nemurella pictetii (Plecoptera)

  title={Semivoltinism in mountain populations of Nemurella pictetii (Plecoptera)},
  author={J. Brittain},
The life history and larval generic character development of Malenka bifurcata (Claassen, 1923) (Plecoptera: Nemouridae) in an Oregon summer-dry stream
This is the first report of the life history and ontogenic larval development for any of the 11 North American species of Malenka, and progressive development of all studied characters occurred from the smallest field sampled larvae to pre-emergent size. Expand
Geographic variation and temporal trends in ice phenology in Norwegian lakes during the period 1890–2020
Abstract. Long-term observations of ice phenology in lakes are ideal for studying climatic variation in time and space. We used a large set of observations from 1890 to 2020 of the timing ofExpand
Chapter 36 – Order Plecoptera
This chapter presents the morphology of stoneflies and cover aspects of their ecology and behavior, and discusses sampling, rearing, and preservation of stonefly specimens. Expand
Life Cycle and Secondary Production of Mayflies and Stoneflies in a Karstic Spring in the West Carpathians
An unusually slow univoltine cycle for P. nitida and an asynchronous life cycle for B. alpinus are found, with first-stage nymphs occurring almost all year round, which indicates that the population lives at its ecological limit. Expand
Life cycles of Eukiefferiella claripennis (Lundbeck 1898) and Eukiefferiella minor (Edwards 1929) (Diptera: Chironomidae) in spring-fed streams of different temperatures with reference to climate change
Following global warming the life cycle of E. claripennis is expected to change from univoltine to bivoltines, and could show changes in emergence pattern, and E. minor, on the other hand, will likely show less change in its life cycle. Expand
Spatiotemporal dynamics of a regulated alpine river ecosystem
The contributions of glacier-melt, snowmelt, and groundwater to stream flow in alpine catchments result in characteristic discharge regimes and unique stream habitats. The year round dynamics ofExpand
Growth and voltinism in the aquatic insects of a regulated river subject to groundwater inflows
The water temperature and discharge of the Vassbygdelvi River, Aurland watershed, was altered after regulation due to transfer of cold water from the higher parts of the catchment. The lower part ofExpand
Effects of intraspecific competition on the life cycle of the stonefly, Nemurella pictetii (Plecoptera: Nemouridae)
Differences in life cycle length of Nemurella pictetii may result from different larval densities in different microhabitats and resultant different degrees of interference competition, which is enhanced by intraspecific competition. Expand
Terrestrial arthropod adaptation to the atpine environment
  • 2007


Structure and function of tundra ecosystems
Cycles de développement de quelques invertébrés benthiques dans des ruisseaux des Pyrénées centrales
— Le cycle de developpement de 14 especes d'invertebres benthiques est etudie dans trois petits ruisseaux de moyenne altitude (732 m) dans les Pyrenees centrales. — La temperature reste relativementExpand