Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cell With Sputtered Front and Rear Electrodes for a Four-Terminal Tandem

  title={Semitransparent Perovskite Solar Cell With Sputtered Front and Rear Electrodes for a Four-Terminal Tandem},
  author={T. Duong and Niraj N. Lal and D. Grant and Daniel A Jacobs and P. Zheng and S. Rahman and Heping Shen and M. Stocks and A. Blakers and K. Weber and T. White and K. Catchpole},
  journal={IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics},
  • T. Duong, Niraj N. Lal, +9 authors K. Catchpole
  • Published 2016
  • Materials Science
  • IEEE Journal of Photovoltaics
  • A tandem configuration of perovskite and silicon solar cells is a promising way to achieve high-efficiency solar energy conversion at low cost. Four-terminal tandems, in which each cell is connected independently, avoid the need for current matching between the top and bottom cells, giving greater design flexibility. In a four-terminal tandem, the perovskite top cell requires two transparent contacts. Through detailed analysis of electrical and optical power losses, we identify optimum contact… CONTINUE READING
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