Semisynthetic cytochrome c.

  title={Semisynthetic cytochrome c.},
  author={Leon E. Barstow and Robert E S Young and Emel Yakali and James J. Sharp and Jacqueline O'brien and Phillip W Berman and Henry A. Harbury},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={74 10},
Horse heart cytochrome c can be split with cyanogen bromide into a heme peptide (residues 1-65) and a nonheme peptide (residues 66-104). In a process involving (i) complex formation between the two fragments and (ii) restoration of the severed peptide linkage, a fully active cytochrome c preparation can be re-formed. Use has been made of this process to couple the heme peptide to peptide 66-104 synthesized by the Merrifield solid-phase procedure. The semisynthetic product formed in this manner… CONTINUE READING

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