Semiquantitative bacteriology of closed odontogenic abscesses.

  title={Semiquantitative bacteriology of closed odontogenic abscesses.},
  author={Hidetoshi Sakamoto and Hiroshi Kato and Toru Sato and Junko Sasaki},
  journal={The Bulletin of Tokyo Dental College},
  volume={39 2},
Pus samples from twenty-three dentoalveolar abscesses were collected by needle aspiration and examined by direct inoculation technique using 6 different aerobic and anaerobic agar plates. For aerobic culture, sheep blood agar and chocolate agar (Kyokuto Pharmaceutical Co., Tokyo, Japan) were used. For anaerobic culture, four different media, 1) brucella HK agar with hemolyzed rabbit blood and defibrillated sheep blood, 2) paramomycin-vancomycin brucella HK agar with hemolyzed rabbit blood, 3… CONTINUE READING


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