Semipinacol rearrangement in natural product synthesis.

  title={Semipinacol rearrangement in natural product synthesis.},
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[Song, Zhen-Lei] Sichuan Univ, Key Lab Drug Targeting, Educ Minist, Dept Med Chem,W China Sch Pharm, Chengdu 610041, Peoples R China 

Recent advances in terpenoid syntheses from China

Total syntheses of terpenoids play an essential role in the development of synthetic organic chemistry and medicinal science. Chinese synthetic community has made more and more profound contribution

Lessons from natural products chemistry can offer novel approaches for synthetic chemistry in drug discovery.

After several decades of decline in NPs research, there has been a real explosion of interest in natural-based compounds since the first total synthesis of urea in 1828.

Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (-)-Maoecrystal V.

The asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-maoecrystal V, a novel cytotoxic pentacyclic ent-kaurane diterpene, has been accomplished. Key steps of the current strategy involve an early-stage semipinacol

Enantioselective total synthesis of (+)-Lingzhiol via tandem semipinacol rearrangement/Friedel-Crafts type cyclization.

The (+)-Lingzhiol synthesis is the first example of in tandem semipinacol rearrangement reactions, the migrated aryl group further reacting with the carbonyl oxonium electrophile to furnish a polycyclic skeleton.

Catalytic Asymmetric Total Syntheses of (‒)-Galanthamine and (‒)-Lycoramine.

The catalytic asymmetric total syntheses of the biologically important and therapeutically valuable Amaryllidaceae alkaloids and its analogues have been divergently achieved from commercially available 3-butyn-1-ol with excellent stereoselective control.

Asymmetric Total Synthesis of (-)-Spirochensilide A.

An asymmetric total synthesis of (-)-spirochensilide A has been achieved for the first time. The synthesis features a semi-pinacol rearrangement reaction to stereoselectively construct the

Total Synthesis and Full Structural Assignment of Namenamicin.

The total synthesis of the two C7'-epimers of namenamicin is described and its complete structure is assigned, opening the way for further chemical and biological studies toward the discovery of potent payloads for ADCs directed toward targeted cancer therapies.



A highly convergent enantioselective total synthesis of marine natural product, furanoterpene

The enantioselective total convergent synthesis of marine furanoterpene 1 is achieved and the absolute configuration of the only existing quaternary stereogenic centre is found to be S.

An efficient total synthesis of (+/-)-stemonamine.

An efficient first approach to the Stemona alkaloid (+/-)-Stemonamine has been developed on the basis of a key TiCl4 promoted tandem Semipinacol rearrangement/Schmidt reaction and a Dieckmann

Improved biomimetic total synthesis of D,L-stephacidin A.

The direct conversion of beta-hydroxyproline derivatives into 5-hydroxypyrazin-2(1H)-ones under Mitsunobu conditions has been discovered to be a general biomimetic protocol generating IMDA

Chiral synthesis of a trinorguaiane sesquiterpene, clavukerin A

An enantiospecific synthesis of clavukerin A, a novel trinorguaiane sesquiterpene, was accomplished starting from (–)-carvone.

Total synthesis of (+/-)-galanthamine.

[reaction: see text] A practical and efficient total synthesis of (+/-)-galanthamine was achieved from commercially available materials through a novel approach, in which the construction of its core

Total synthesis of furoscrobiculin B

The first total synthesis of Furoscrobiculin B is accomplished by construction of the azuleno[6,7-c]furan ring system by base catalysed pinacol-type rearrangement of isonaphthofuran derivative,

The first enantioselective total synthesis of (+)-laurene

The cyclopentenone 8, synthesised by palladium mediated ring expansion of the chiral vinylcyclobutanols 3 and 4, is converted to the thermodynamically unstable ketone 16 which on methylenation gives