author={Richard J. Parmentier},
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  • R. Parmentier
  • Published 9 November 2020
  • The International Encyclopedia of Linguistic Anthropology

On Recent Proposals to Abolish Polysemy and Homonymy in Lexicography

Oor onlangse voorstelle vir die wegdoen van polisemie en homonimie in leksikografie. Twee artikels het onlangs in Lexikos verskyn wat voorstel dat weggedoen word met homonimie en polisemie in die

ValueML: A Proposal for Representing Values Embedded within Web Resources

A preliminary version of a markup language, called ValueML, is proposed that may be used for value representation and annotation in multimodal web resources and examples of manual annotation of video commercials are discussed.

Signs in Kawen Sai Ceremony of Tetun Tribe

This study examines the meaning of signs in Kawen Sai, the traditional patrilineal marriage system of Tetun tribes of Belu Regency. Qualitative descriptive method was applied in designing the study.

Volunteering in development: Analysing and comparing branded representations of the Australian Government’s Australian Volunteers for International Development program and volunteer perspectives

Volunteering overseas has become a popular activity among individuals from developed countries. Governments in these countries often provide volunteer opportunities as part of their aid programs. In

A Multimodal Discourse Analysis of the Iraqi 2021 Parliamentary Election on the BBC Internet Platform

One of the most significant shifts in Iraq's political regime was the parliamentary elections in 2021 with the election of a new prime minister. Massive demonstrations over government corruption and

A Lotmanian semiotic interpretation of cultural memory in ritual

Abstract This paper affords a Lotmanian cultural semiotic analysis of the inner workings of ritual embodying the mechanism of cultural memory. In this intersectional study, we propose treating ritual

Enhancing Textual Knowledge Discovery using a Context-Awareness Approach

The use of context is introduced for improving the extraction of semantic relation extraction using global information from the text and domain ontology.

A Multiple Case Study of How Brands Discursively Commodify Sustainability

Sustainability is an important societal matter and is gaining attention from many levels in the global society because it can be seen as one of the means to combat the global overconsumption and

Semiotic analysis of the poetry "Morgenlied" by Martin Opitz

  • P. Kojongian
  • Education
    JPPI (Jurnal Penelitian Pendidikan Indonesia)
  • 2021
A This study aims to examine the sign system in the form of icons, indexes, and symbols and to interpret the meanings and messages as well as moral-religious values contained in the poem "Morgenlied"




level: "entry into enclosed space emergence from it." What is not easily explained is something else: the stability of this schema even in cases where a direct link with the world of myth has been


1.0 The problem of developing a typology of culture should not be considered new. It occurs periodically at certain moments of scientific and general cultural development. One can say that every

Myth — Name — Culture

1. The world is matter. The world is a horse. One of these statements belongs to a definitely mythological text (The Upanishads), whereas the other can serve as an example of a text of the opposite

Semiotics and the philosophy of language

  • U. Eco
  • Art
    Advances in semiotics
  • 1986
The author examines the role of mirrors in the development of language and the meaning of language in the age of smartphones, which has changed the way that many people think about and communicate with one another.

A theory of semiotics

  • U. Eco
  • Art
    Advances in semiotics
  • 1976
Foreword Note on graphic conventions 0. Introduction-Toward a Logic of Culture 0.1. Design for a semiotic theory 0.2. 'Semiotics': field or discipline? 0.3. Communication and/or signification 0.4.

On the semiosphere

This article, first published in Russian in 1984 in Sign Systems Studies, introduces the concept of semiosphere and describes its principal attributes. Semiosphere is the semiotic space, outside of

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  • 1998

  • 1934

  • 1977