Semileptonic B ->pi decays from an Omnes improved nonrelativistic constituent quark model

  title={Semileptonic B ->pi decays from an Omnes improved nonrelativistic constituent quark model},
  author={Conrado Albertus and J. M. Flynn and E. Hern'andez and J. Nieves and J. M. Verde--Velasco},
  journal={Physical Review D},
The semileptonic B{yields}{pi}l{sup +}{nu}{sub l} decay is studied starting from a simple quark model which includes the influence of the B* pole. To extend the predictions of a nonrelativistic constituent quark model from its region of applicability near q{sub max}{sup 2}=(m{sub B}-m{sub {pi}}){sup 2} to all q{sup 2} values accessible in the physical decay, we use a novel multiply subtracted Omnes dispersion relation, which considerably diminishes the form-factor dependence on the elastic {pi… Expand
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