Semilattice decompositions of semigroups

  title={Semilattice decompositions of semigroups},
  author={Mohan S. Putcha},
  journal={Semigroup Forum},
The purpose of this paper is to develop a general theory of semilattice decompositions of semigroups from the point of view of obtaining theorems of the type: A semigroup S has propertyD if and only if S is a semilattice of semigroups having property β. As such we are able to extend the theories of Clifford [3], Andersen [1], Croisot [5], Tamura and Kimura [14], Petrich [9], Chrislock [2], Tamura and Shafer [15], Iyengar [7] and Weissglass and the author [10]. The root of our whole theory is… CONTINUE READING