Semigraph Structure on DNA Splicing System

  title={Semigraph Structure on DNA Splicing System},
  author={S. Jeya Bharathi and J. Padmashree and S. Sinthanai Selvi and K. Thiagarajan},
  journal={2011 Sixth International Conference on Bio-Inspired Computing: Theories and Applications},
Our main result is to correlate the graph splicing scheme of Rudolf Freund with semi graphs introduced by E. Sampathkumar [10]. We get characterization of DNA structure after splicing in terms of semi graph to show some splicing graph properties. In this paper, we introduce semi graph folding for the DNA splicing system and show that any n-cut spliced semi graph (n ? 1) can be folded onto an edge and two semi edges at the maximum of four semi graph folding. 

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Head , Formal Language Theory and DNA An analysis of the generative capacity of recombinant behaviors

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