Semiconductor properties of polyphosphides

  title={Semiconductor properties of polyphosphides},
  author={RickyK. Schachter and Christian Gabriel Michel and Mark A. Kuck and John Alfred Baumann and D. J. Olego and L{\'a}szl{\'o} S.I Polg{\'a}r and Paul M. Raccah and William E. Spicer},
For the first time, the electro‐optical properties of nontetrahedrally bonded crystalline and amorphous polyphosphides have been investigated. The crystalline archetype KP15 is a high resistivity semiconductor, with photoconductivity and photoluminescence at the band gap (1.7 eV). These measurements are extended to amorphous films prepared by vapor transport methods. The resistivity of the films has been varied over eight orders of magnitude by the incorporation of 0%–2% Ni. Nonlinear metal… CONTINUE READING

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