Semiconductor-assisted photocatalytic degradation of reactive dyes in aqueous solution.

  title={Semiconductor-assisted photocatalytic degradation of reactive dyes in aqueous solution.},
  author={C A Gouv{\^e}a and Fernando Wypych and Suzana Guimar{\~a}es Moraes and Nelson Dur{\'a}n and Noemi Nagata and Patricio Guillermo Peralta-Zamora},
  volume={40 4},
This work reports the semiconductor-assisted photochemical degradation of reactive dyes. In an oxygenated-UV-ZnO system almost total decolorization of Remazol Brilliant Blue R, Remazol Black B, Reactive Blue 221 and Reactive Blue 222 was observed in reaction times of about 60 min. Extending the photochemical treatment up to 120 min, mineralization higher than 80% for all the dyes was observed. During the same period, the residual acute toxicity was significantly reduced only for Remazol Black B… CONTINUE READING

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