Semiconduction of proteins as an attribute of the living state: The ideas of Albert Szent-Györgyi revisited in light of the recent knowledge regarding oxygen free radicals

  title={Semiconduction of proteins as an attribute of the living state: The ideas of Albert Szent-Gy{\"o}rgyi revisited in light of the recent knowledge regarding oxygen free radicals},
  author={Imre Zs.-Nagy},
  journal={Experimental Gerontology},
  • I. Zs.-Nagy
  • Published 1 May 1995
  • Chemistry
  • Experimental Gerontology
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On the True Role of Oxygen Free Radicals in the Living State, Aging, and Degenerative Disorders

This theoretical approach may open completely new possibilities for the understanding of the normal functions of living organisms, such as basic memory mechanisms in brain cells, their aging processes, and therapeutic approaches to many degenerative disorders,such as various types of dementia.

Pharmacological Interventions against Aging through the Cell Plasma Membrane

  • I. Zs.-Nagy
  • Biology
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 2002
The present review summarizes the available knowledge regarding the theory of the use of membrane‐related antiaging pharmaca, like centrophenoxine (CPH), tested in both animal experiments and human clinical trials.

[From free radicals to science of nutrition].

The balance of antioxidant-prooxidant levels of the cells can go back to the concentration relation of sulfhydril groups and disulfid bridges, which can play an important role in the redox homeostasis.

Aging of cell membranes: facts and theories.

  • I. Zs.-Nagy
  • Biology
    Interdisciplinary topics in gerontology
  • 2014
This chapter is intended to outline the main results of a research trend realized by the author during the last 45 years, focused on the main role played by the cell membrane in the aging process, called the membrane hypothesis of aging (MHA).

The membrane hypothesis of aging: its relevance to recent progress in genetic research

  • I. Z-Nagy
  • Biology
    Journal of Molecular Medicine
  • 1997
The main statements of the MHA are supported by recent developments in molecular genetics, indicating a central role of the plasma membrane in mitotic regulation, cell differentiation and senescence.

Quantitative analysis of the frequency spectrum of the radiation emitted by cytochrome oxidase enzymes.

  • J. TuszynskiJ. Dixon
  • Physics, Biology
    Physical review. E, Statistical, nonlinear, and soft matter physics
  • 2001
A physical model is proposed that provides a quantitative analysis of the energy emitted by proton flows through mitochondrial walls. The model developed is based on biochemical and biophysical

Hydroxyl free radicals induce cell differentiation in SK-N-MC neuroblastoma cells.

It is suggested that hydroxyl free radicals can induce in vitro cell differentiation and apparently play a more complex role in cell physiology than simply causing oxidative damage.



A Proposal for Reconsideration of the Role of Oxygen Free Radicals in Cell Differentiation and Aging

  • I. Zs.-Nagy
  • Biology
    Annals of the New York Academy of Sciences
  • 1992
It is plausible to assume that the processes of biological maturation and aging are also related to alterations of the external electron orbits of the macromolecules, and to conclude that the living state is bound to particular functions of the electrons.

Aging: a theory based on free radical and radiation chemistry.

It seems possible that one factor in aging may be related to deleterious side attacks of free radicals (which are normally produced in the course of cellular metabolism) on cell constituents.

On the role of cross-linking of cellular proteins in aging

Protein radical involvement in biological catalysis?

  • J. Stubbe
  • Chemistry, Biology
    Annual review of biochemistry
  • 1989
In addition to the binuclear iron center, tyrosyl radical, and AdoCbl­ dependent systems discussed above, recent studies from Follmann' s labora­ tory indkate that ribonucleotide reductase isolated from Brevibacterium ammoniagenes requires manganese for activity is reason­ able to postulate the existence of a novel binuclear Mn(III)-dependent system.

The living state and cancer.

The transfer of electrons from protein to oxygen is effected by a complex chemical mechanism which involves ascorbic acid, and the reactivity of the system depends on the degree of its electronic desaturation.

A membrane hypothesis of aging.