Semiclassical theory of shot-noise suppression.

  title={Semiclassical theory of shot-noise suppression.},
  author={MJ deJong and Beenakker},
  journal={Physical review. B, Condensed matter},
  volume={51 23},
  • de Jong MJ, Beenakker
  • Published 4 January 1995
  • Physics, Medicine
  • Physical review. B, Condensed matter
The Boltzmann-Langevin equation is used to relate the shot-noise power of a mesoscopic conductor to classical transmission probabilities at the Fermi level. This semiclassical theory is applied to tunneling through n barriers in series. For n\ensuremath{\rightarrow}\ensuremath{\infty} the shot noise approaches one-third of the Poisson noise, independent of the transparency of the barriers. This confirms that the one-third suppression known to occur in diffusive conductors does not require phase… 

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