Semiclassical strong-field theory of phase delays in $\omega -2\omega$ above-threshold ionization

  title={Semiclassical strong-field theory of phase delays in \$\omega -2\omega\$ above-threshold ionization},
  author={Diego G. Arb'o and Sebasti'an D. L'opez and Joachim Burgdorfer},
Phase and time delays of atomic above-threshold ionization were recently experimentally explored in an ω − 2 ω setting [Zipp et al , Optica 1 , 361 (2014)]. The phases of wavepackets ejected from argon by a strong 2 ω pulse were probed as a function of the relative phase of a weaker ω probe pulse. Numerical simulations solving the time-dependent Schr¨odinger equation (TDSE) displayed a sensitive dependence of the doubly differential momentum distribution on the relative phase between the ω and 2… 



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