Semiclassical circular strings in AdS{sub 5} and 'long' gauge field strength operators

  title={Semiclassical circular strings in AdS\{sub 5\} and 'long' gauge field strength operators},
  author={I. Y. Park and Alin Tirziu and Arkady A. Tseytlin},
  journal={Physical Review D},
We consider circular strings rotating with equal spins S{sub 1}=S{sub 2}=S in two orthogonal planes in AdS{sub 5} and suggest that they may be dual to long gauge-theory operators built out of self-dual components of gauge field strength. As was found in hep-th/0404187, the one-loop anomalous dimensions of the such gauge-theory operators are described by an antiferromagnetic XXX{sub 1} spin chain and scale linearly with length L>>1. We find that in the case of rigid rotating string both the… Expand

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