Semiautomated intraocular laser surgery using handheld instruments.

  title={Semiautomated intraocular laser surgery using handheld instruments.},
  author={Brian C. Becker and Robert A. MacLachlan and Louis A. Lobes and Cameron N. Riviere},
  journal={Lasers in surgery and medicine},
  volume={42 3},
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE In laser retinal photocoagulation, hundreds of dot-like burns are applied. We introduce a robot-assisted technique to enhance the accuracy and reduce the tedium of the procedure. MATERIALS AND METHODS Laser burn locations are overlaid on preoperative retinal images using common patterns such as grids. A stereo camera/monitor setup registers and displays the planned burn locations overlaid on real-time video. Using an active handheld micromanipulator, a 7 x 7 grid of… CONTINUE READING
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