Semi-supervised Learning Framework for Cross-Lingual Projection


Cross-lingual projection encounters two major challenges, the noise from word-alignment error and the syntactic divergences between two languages. To solve these two problems, a semi-supervised learning framework of cross-lingual projection is proposed to get better annotations using parallel data. Moreover, a projection model is introduced to model the… (More)
DOI: 10.1109/WI-IAT.2011.58


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@article{Hu2011SemisupervisedLF, title={Semi-supervised Learning Framework for Cross-Lingual Projection}, author={PengLong Hu and Mo Yu and Jing Li and Conghui Zhu and Tiejun Zhao}, journal={2011 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conferences on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology}, year={2011}, volume={3}, pages={213-216} }