Semi-intrusive uncertainty propagation for multiscale models

  title={Semi-intrusive uncertainty propagation for multiscale models},
  author={Anna Nikishova and Alfons G. Hoekstra},
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Non-intrusive and semi-intrusive uncertainty quantification of a multiscale in-stent restenosis model
Uncertainty quantification patterns for multiscale models
This work presents uncertainty quantification patterns (UQPs) that are designed to support the analysis of uncertainty in coupled multi-scale and multi-domain applications and presents the implementation of the UQPs with multiscale coupling toolkit Multiscale Coupling Library and Environment 3.0.
Introducing VECMAtk - Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification for Multiscale and HPC Simulations
The VECMA toolkit (VECMAtk), which is officially released in conjunction with the present paper, establishes a platform to achieve this by exposing patterns for verification, validation and uncertainty quantification (VVUQ).
VECMAtk: a scalable verification, validation and uncertainty quantification toolkit for scientific simulations
A range of functional and performance improvements that have been introduced, newly introduced components, and applications examples from seven different domains such as conflict modelling and environmental sciences are covered.
Building Confidence in Simulation: Applications of EasyVVUQ
The application of EasyVVUQ to five very diverse application areas is demonstrated: materials properties, ocean circulation modeling, fusion reactors, forced human migration, and urban air quality prediction.
EasyVVUQ: A Library for Verification, Validation and Uncertainty Quantification in High Performance Computing
The goal of EasyVVUQ is to make it as easy as possible to implement advanced VV UQ techniques for existing application codes or workflows, in particular for simulation codes running on high performance computers.
Easing Multiscale Model Design and Coupling with MUSCLE 3
The MUltiScale Coupling Library and Environment version 3 (MUSCLE 3) allows the coupling to be specified in a simple configuration file, which specifies the components of the simulation and how they should be connected together.


A semi-intrusive deterministic approach to uncertainty quantification in non-linear fluid flow problems
Semi-intrusive multiscale metamodelling uncertainty quantification with application to a model of in-stent restenosis
It is concluded that the semi-intrusive metamodelling method is reliable and efficient, and can be applied to such complex models as the in-stent restenosis ISR2D model.
Comparison of Surrogate-Based Uncertainty Quantification Methods for Computationally Expensive Simulators
This work provides a detailed description of polynomial chaos and Gaussian process approaches for building a surrogate model of a black-box function, and analyzes surrogates built on experimental designs to investigate their performance in a range of modelling scenarios.
A Flexible Uncertainty Propagation Framework for General Multiphysics Systems
This work extends the framework, previously introduced by the authors, to general (nonlinear) multiphysics systems via generic restriction and prolongation operators, which transform between the global and local polynomial chaos representations of the input/output data.
An analysis of the convergence of the direct simulation Monte Carlo method
Multiscale modelling: approaches and challenges
This Theme Issue seeks to establish common frameworks for theoretical modelling, computing and validation, and to help practical applications to benefit from the modelling results.